A Solution to Long-term Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax Removal

Microsuction – What is it?

Microsuction is considered the safer and gentler method of removing excessive ear wax build up using air suction. Our trained Audiologists use a sterile suction tube to gently remove the wax until your eardrum is visible..

Besthear Ear Wax Removal Swansea

Occasionally other instruments designed specifically for ear wax may be used to remove hard wax build up that does not respond well to air suction. We typically advise olive oil usage before seeing us and may add some more on the day if needed.

We offer our Ear Wax procedure at the following clinics.

Ear Wax Removal Besthear Swansea Lady
  • Step 1: Medical History

  • Step 2: Video Otoscopy- pre-treatment examination.

  • Step 3: Procedure

  • Step 4: Video Otoscopy- posttreatment examination

  • Step 5: Follow up

Ear Wax – and Hearing Loss.

Ear wax is a normal substance that helps protect the inside of your ear canal. When too much wax builds up (gets impacted), it can cause symptoms such as temporary hearing loss. It is more common in older adults. Certain health conditions make it more likely to have impacted earwax. Removal of ear wax can rectify the problem without the need of a hearing aid.

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